Burns and Lights

Chromatotherapy uses energies determined by their wavelengths. It also induces an answer from the body, answer which is also an energy. This energy therapy has thus as preferred field of action the pathologies provoked by the surrounding energies.

A burn is an aggression caused by a heat energy , a chilblain by a cold energy, a trauma by a cold energy etc…

To a burn, which is an excess of heat energy, it is better to answer by an other energy (in this case, a cold one) rather than by a molecule, even a very efficient one. To a pathogen energy, it is better to answer by an opposite energy before the appearance of physical damages.
The sooner the energy treatment the more efficient it will be. It can prevent the appearance of anatomical lesions.

Presentation of a Burn Case : Dr C.Agrapart








The picture on the left side shows a second degree burn made by boiling oil, ten days old. The pain is still sharp.
Treated only once by by Chromatotherapy, the pain disappears within half an hour and the healing is excellent in five days.

Warning: this result proves that colored rays can be a valuable additional treatment for this type of injury. A medical diagnosis remains absolutely necessary to determine the need or not for an hospital admission or of specific treatments.